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Anne Benson
Anne Benson has been writing about food for more than fifteen years contributing to the Daily Post, the Daily Express, magazine, the North West Evening Mail and the North West Food Lovers' Guide and the recently published Home Grown, a book about north west food champions. Anne is one of the founders of the Wirral Food Festival which attracts more than 26,000 visitors every year. She is Chairman of Wirral Farmers' Market which won best farmers' market in the UK at the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards. In 2008 she was appointed Food Tourism Consultant for the Mersey Partnership. In the same year she won an award fro Raising the Image of the North West Food Industry by Food Northwest.

Features by Anne Benson

Diary of a food festival organiser, part 5
Anne finds out that Wirral Food Festival has been shortlisted for the tourism event of the year.
Diary of a food festival organiser, part 4
A dawn raid on a field of asparagus kicks off the season in style. 
Diary of a food festival organiser, part 3
As the festival date draws closer Anne quietly eyes the competition in Chester only to find she's the subject of the Chairman's opening speech.
Diary of a food festival organiser, part 2
This week Anne invites four celebrity chefs to a photoshoot then narrowly misses setting them on fire with the props: a pan, a match and a bottle of vodka.
Diary of food festival organiser, part 1
Ever dreamed of setting up your own food festival? That's what Anne Benson did. In the run up to Wirral Food Festival's fourth year, Anne shares her diary exclusively with Foodtripper.
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Editor's Choice

Editor's  Choice
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