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Rob Train
Rob Train lives in Madrid where he writes for the English language version of El Pais and other publications. Lured by the promise of 20-hour weeks and afternoon naps, for the last seven years he has been mostly getting away with it in the sun.
Well-versed in Spanish culture and cuisine, he is still unable to fully grasp the subjunctive or summon the full panoply of Spanish invective as conversation filler. With a keen interest in viniculture, he is one of the reasons the wine industry is likely to be unaffected by the financial crisis. His interests include literature, music, history, the natural world and, despite being a Charlton Athletic supporter, sports."

Features by Rob Train

Catalonia: Calcot Season
Rob Train: The only thing Catalans love more than the finer things in life are the finer things in life that nobody else has got.
Food Hotel: Senzone at Hospes Madrid
Carpaccio de calamar in reduced ink served with rice was like a Bond film: smooth, suave, and holding all the cards. Rob Train gives Senzone's new tapas menu the nod.
Just Mad about Saffron: La Mancha, Spain
The world’s costliest spice, historically a root of avarice, may now hold the key to mellowing the opiate trade in Afghanistan. Rob Train investigates
Time to Eat: Picota Cherries
The Jerte Valley might be an earthly Garden of Eden, but Rob Train finds that cherries, not apples, are the abundant fruit.
Hot to Trot: The Renaissance of Casquería
Snubbed for decades by Madrid's middle classes Rob Train finds the Iberian answer to black pudding is making a comeback on restaurant menus.
Food Hotel: Barcelo La Bobadilla, Andalusia
In modern society, luxury is not measured in gold or silver, but in space and service. Rob Train finds an abundance of both at La Bobadilla, Andalusia
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