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Will Roberts
Will Roberts is a journalist currently living in the North East of England and working for The Northern Echo and the Darlington and Stockton Times.
Born in an agricultural area of County Durham, his love for food and travel started at an early age - when he funded school trips to France and Italy by making homemade soup and selling it to his parents' friends.
He is a graduate of the award-winning Journalism Studies course at the University of Sheffield. Upon graduating from Sheffield in 2003, he moved to Taiwan where he combined working as an English teacher with writing food and travel features for the British media.
He started working at The Northern Echo and Darlington and Stockton Times in 2006 and as well as covering the Teesdale area of County Durham, he also writes restaurant reviews, travel pieces and features. Will has traveled extensively throughout Asia, North America and Europe. He is a trained video journalist and a keen photographer.

Features by Will Roberts

Peru: In search of the perfect Pisco
In Lunahuana village, chickens are soaked in Pisco before roasting. Will Roberts reports.
Nose to tail eating in Taipei's street food markets
If snake-blood shooters and intestine soup are the mainstays of Taipei's fast food scene, then how can these extreme food-loving islanders grimace at our affection for mouldy Stilton cheese? wonders Will Roberts.
Forest Feast

The forest in late spring is awash with edible treats. Will Roberts goes foraging.

Burgundy: Gourmet barging
L'Impressioniste inches along the Burgundy Canal. At this speed, each view is enjoyed for minutes, not seconds. It's unlike any journey I have ever made.
Restaurant review: Le Jardin des Remparts, Burgundy
Barging on the Burgundy Canal, the lock-keepers go on strike. But there are worse places to be stranded.
Wine and chocolate pairing: Stellenbosch, S.A.
The approach to the Waterford Estate is grand and flanked with orange trees.Wineries that look like this can't make bad wine.
Time to eat: South African grapefruit
Will Roberts recalls a childhood abhorring grapefruit. Not so now; this all grown-up palate jumped at the chance to sample seasonal South African varieties and even suggests a few unusual pairings.
Meat and apricot jam.
In a country of vast game ranges springbok, reebok and eland are all commonplace on menus. But apricot jam comes from nowhere.
Penbugle Farm, Cornwall
Will Roberts meets the Cornish farmer behind Whole Foods Market's ethically produced meat.
Summer food activities: Beekeeping in England

Will Roberts finds out what it's like to keep 20,000 pets.

Game On
The best of Corsica is found inland, says Will Roberts, as he tackles Wild Boar and Honey Stew  away from the cocktail-crazy harbour of Calvi.
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