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Lucy Clements
Lucy Clements is a winemaker and wine writer. An inevitable outcome, really, for a girl who grew up in Australia's Barossa Valley surrounded by wine.
A visit to the 1997 Wine Festival at St Hallett was her Epiphany; combining a passion for all things French and an aptitude for chemistry she couldn't think of anything she'd rather do other than make wine - despite her Grandma's staunch disapproval for such a male-dominated career.
Over a decade later she has a winemaking degree, 10 international vintages under her belt and is well on her way to receiving the prestigious Master of Wine qualification. 
Lucy is, quite simply, bonkers about wine. She writes with infectious enthusiasm, energy and a knack for demystifying the science bit.

Features by Lucy Clements

Wine Girl, Part 4: Southern France Adventures
My fourth vintage was undoubtedly my most challenging and most life changing;
Flying Winemaking in the south of France.
New Year: Wine Girl Part 3 - For the love of bubbles
Lucy finds her calling making sparkling wines at Domaine Chandon in the Australian Yarra Valley.
Wine Girl: Part 2 - How to Curb Temptation
The lure of highly alcoholic, sweet, luscious wines is enough to tempt anyone - especially on a cold winter's night, writes Lucy Clements.
Wine Girl: Part 1 - Virgin Vintage, Barossa Valley
Ever dreamed of working in wine? Follow our series with winemaker, Lucy Clements, to find out how she did it.
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