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Helen Hokin's September Picks

We are thrilled to announce that Travel Channel has teamed up with Foodtripper to create an exciting new show entitled ‘Foodtripper Miami’ to be broadcast this coming October (on SKY 251 and 252).
Written and presented by Foodtripper’s Helen Hokin, the show explores Miami’s nascent contemporary food scene. Highlights include celebrity chef interviews with the likes of North American Iron Chef Emeril Lagasse, how recent history has shaped the way Miamians eat today and why The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is key to the city’s newfound status as the USA’s hottest destination for food tourists.
Travel Channel is available on channels 251 and 252 on SKY.
Foodtripper Miami is on Travel Channel this October 2010.
Eating Out
Los Angeles: Imagine you could step out of the office and lunch on Chinese-latino fusion, Vietnamese banh-mi and Hawaiian shaved ice for lunch? Lucky LA residents can, thanks to a new wave of food trucks parked from Santa Monica to Eagle Rock. Angelinos have been pledging allegiance to their chosen truck on Facebook and following their every move on Twitter. Find out more in Foodtripper's Truck Food World Tour Gallery.
Foodtripper recommends The Oitavos five star hotel on the dramatic Estoril Coast whose sleek doors swished open just this month on September 1st. Go there for sparkling fresh sushi straight from the Atlantic.
It's California Wine Month and to find out where to get the best bottle for our buck, we catch up with Caroline Beteta, President and CEO of The California Travel & Tourism Commission and Nancy Light, Director of Communications for The Wine Institute
Wine and Cookery Courses from Foodtripper's Preferred Partners

Daygustation's London-based Porcini Master Class shows you how to pick, clean, cook and devour fabulous funghi over lunch with a wine-tasting and your own porcini book to take home.
Weekend in Dublin? Dublin Cookery School's Saturday classes are relaxed, hands-on sessions with simple recipes to follow and lunch to get you through the day.
Book ahead for Christmas at home and away
Arblaster & Clarke Wine holidays promise a Christmas with a difference (sunshine would be good) in of some the world's most fabulous wine estates. Champagne? Don't buy it, just go there.
The Food Room & Library shows how to make Christmas lunch in canape form so you can serve this year's festive treats in miniature. What better excuse to eat twice as much.
Helen Hokin

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2 September 2010
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