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Helen Hokin's April Picks

In April on Foodtripper: The Real Food Festival is a few short weeks away; in three years since launch the show has grown exponentially - and it's hard to know quite where to start or how to navigate the labyrynth that is the UKs most innovative food show - to my mind anyway. To help you get your bearings we have ten must-visit producers to whet your appetite.
Our Food Hotel of the month is bang in the middle of the Khao Lak jungle - none other than the multi-award winning Sarojin. We sent Andrew Copestake off on the back of an elepahnt into the jungle with hotel chef, Goh to cook Yam nue yang, one of the classic Thai dishes that has made Thailand’s gastronomy such a world-wide favourite.
Travel this month, what with volcanic ash clogging the skies, might be all but vicarious. But in anticipation of trips to come, we have three top dining spots in L.A. and in the capital a review of Atul Kotchar's latest offering, Colony Bar & Grill. Despite mixed reviews from other critics, Zoe Perrett was determined to find its redeeming features like the service, the raspberry sorbet and a not half bad lunchtime Thali.
On Foodtripper TV, I travelled to Miami to meet the very talented yet undersung chef, Clay Conley head chef at the stove at Azul (at the Mandarin Oriental) one of the city's most upscale eateries. We have a clip from ‘Noodle Road’, the acclaimed KBS documentary series presented by celebrity chef Ken Hom, which has just won the prestigious Peabody Award 2010.
We are giving away Limited Edition Couture Champagne; Martini glasses and Shaker in prepapration for Sex and The City's imminent return and Tickets to The Real Food Festival.
Keep checking in for more exciting new developments on Foodtripper over the coming months - more features, more TV and more interactivity coming your way soon.
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18 April 2010
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