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Book review: A Culinary Voyage Around The Greek Islands

Book review: A Culinary Voyage Around The Greek Islands
A Culinary Voyage Around The Greek Islands
by Theodore Kyriakou
RRP £20.00
published by Quadrille'
A Culinary Voyage' paints a portrait of the true Greece- a million miles away from tacky tavernas and tourist traps.
Kyriakou's trademark is his ever-friendly, familial tone which warmly guides you around the topic- in his latest book, the seemingly-infinite network of Greek Islands.

The food's not bad, either- and Jason Lowe's rich imagery portrays it well. Having spent most of my childhood holidays in this area, I found it provided my Dad and I with many happy hours reminiscences- and a few moments of wistful nostalgia. 'A Culinary Voyage' paints a portrait of the true Greece- a million miles away from tacky tavernas and tourist traps.

The chapters are delightfully named. The sequence of the book ostensibly guides you through a day's eating, beginning with breakfast and ending with puddings- but takes its route via 'Perfidious Greek Herbs' and 'Cooking Whilst Heading Into a Thunderstorm'- meandering rather like the route through the islands it details. This is proper Greek food- making the most of wonderful, thoroughly location-specific ingredients to create the recipes and peculiarities of each island. i was shocked at the number of Cretan specialities alone- after years of holidays, I had barely encountered any of them. How I wish I had known then what I know now!

Kyriakou has the integrity to preserve the authenticity of his recipes, presenting the original methods before any adjustments required to replicate them in a British kitchen. The information's there, though, so we are thankfully able to approximate Trahana soup, Kaseropita or Manouri and pistachio ice cream in our humble homes. As the sun comes out, you'll relish the opportunity to cook up an island feast for friends and family- in the Greek sprit the food's ultra-sociable, and Kyriakou's culinary compendium makes it easy to mix and match dishes from various locations. It's an inspiring travel guide, too- I loved the island-hopping calendar charting the foodie events thoughout the year.

'A Culinary Voyage Around The Greek Islands' is a great introduction to the area and its food- and, if you've been there, you'll love it even more. Evocative, beautiful and well-written, it's a pleasure to relax and immerse yourself in Kyriakou's company and an altogether more pleasant pace of life- topped off with some truly delicious, authentic food.
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9 July 2009
By: Zoe Perrett
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