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Helen Hokin's Pick of the Week

Helen Hokin's Pick of the Week
How far would you go to find the perfect meal? Tom Kevill-Davies cycled across the Americas, on a push bike, eating everything that crossed his path – all the way from New York to Rio. With nothing but an appetite for a road map. It took him two years.

He agreed to an interview about his travels and recently published book, ‘The Hungry Cyclist’ on one condition: That we talked as we cycled - on a 1960s tandem, through central London, in rush hour. Sure, why didn’t I think of that!
As Tom sat up front, weaving effortlessly past taxis and coach loads of Italian tourists at Marble Arch – I prayed. And stoked. Stoking's what you do on the back of a tandem, apparently. But this being the Hungry Cyclist we had to keep stopping to refuel. In Mayfair we swung by Texture, where acclaimed Icelandic chef Aggi Sverrisson treated us to delicious tasters from his avant-garde fish and champagne menu. By the time we chained the tandem to the last lamppost of the day, outside Dinings sushi bar on Harcourt Street, it was with shameful lack of hunger. Appetites ruined we ordered the delicate grilled freshwater eel sushi to go. And away it went – elegantly wrapped in a foil swan, tied to the mousetrap on the back of the bike.

Tom’s book is not just a fascinating and funny travelogue: dining with beauty queens; camping on a central reservation to secure a table at one of North America’s hottest dining spots; fishing with locals in Baja, it’s a true testament to bravery. To someone with the courage to take the road less travelled. Literally. What an extraordinary man he is. Read an extract from his book on Foodtripper’s homepage. And expect to hear more from Tom as he cycles and eats exclusively for Foodtripper over the coming months.

Food travellers might equally enjoy a journey back in time as our Food Detective Zoe Perrett explores the origins of watercress in her feature dedicated to the green stuff. And for future happenings, check into our news section for regular updates on food-travel trends and hotel openings.
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