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Parma Food Tour

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Parma Food Tour, Parma
Traditionally people have visited Italy for its architecture, history and beautiful landscapes. But there has been a new trend in the recent years to discover Italian food traditions. Emilia Delizia has recently launched a package for the food loving traveller: the Parma Food Tour. For those travelling to this area in northern Italy it is possible to explore 3 gourmet foods in just one day, namely Parmesan cheese, traditional balsamic vinegar and Parma ham.
Emilia Delizia is a pioneer in gourmet food travel and since 2009 it has been organising visits to the actual productions of these famous foods. Visit parmesan cheese production, balsamic vinegar and Parma ham in one day.
Participants will be taken to the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese production in the morning and they will be literally standing inches away from the large copper vats where the the Parmesan cheese is made. The second stop is at a traditional balsamic vinegar producer. Here the company guide will explain how the 12 and 25 years old black gold is aged, and of course a tasting of the product will follow. Last but not least the tour will visit a Parma ham producer in the town of Langhirano in the province of Parma. Here it will be possible to understand how the climate can influence the production of a such famous cured meat, the English speaking guide will also explain each step of the curing process. The day tour will end with a gourmet lunch where all the products of the area can be tasted.
From the UK is now possible to fly directly to Parma from the Stansted airport in London. For foodie travellers who are interested in discovering Italy's gastronomic traditions, this town offers plenty of opportunities that can be covered easily over a long weekend. For longer stays Parma is also well connected by rail and motorway permitting easy access to Milan or to the Cinque Terre. And if this is not enough Parma is also the town of Giuseppe Verdi and with an extensive opera music season in its beautiful theaters.
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