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British Art with Bite: Artist immortalises The Queen in a biscuit.

British Art with Bite: Artist immortalises The Queen in a biscuit.
He may not be your traditional portrait artist, but Dominic Wilcox has created a truly delicious likeness of The Queen - out of a Jaffa Cake.
The London-based artist, who was challenged to turn his unique creativity to celebrating Britain's big year, has munched his way through packets of the popular orange snack to create the first ever collection of nibble art.
Inspired by the different ways people eat Jaffa Cakes, Wilcox relinquished traditional art materials and instead spent hours creating the artworks with the help of his teeth. So far Wilcox has immortalized famous British icons and landmarks including Stonehenge, the Loch Ness Monster and a portrait of The Queen.
The artist who is well known for his unusual innovations, including the Finger-Nose StylusT - a Pinocchio-style nose extension designed to make use of modern smartphones easier while in the bathtub - hopes the artworks will encourage others to create their own "art by eating".
Says Wilcox: "I've met so many people who have their own weird and wonderful ways of eating Jaffa Cakes. One of my friends treats it like a Zen ritual, carefully eating the chocolate first then removing the jelly and slowly nibbling away at it. Others go for the edges and gradually work their way inwards. I just took this idea of being creative with Jaffa Cakes a step further.
"I nibbled for hours and had to go through at least three boxes alone just to get a decent looking Tower Bridge. A typical problem I had was when I got distracted by something on the radio and I would then look back to realise that I'd just eaten the Loch Ness Monster. I used everyday items I had around the house to try to make the photographs interesting. I really like the picture of the Stonehenge artwork and how the light passing through the packet creates a strangely realistic sunset reflection on the plate."
Wilcox's collection of Jaffa Cake art is being exhibited online on the McVitie's Jaffa Cakes facebook page
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