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Christmas recipe: 3 Michelin Star Chef Martin Berasategui's Apple Tart

Spain’s most Michelin-starred chef, Martin Berasategui shares his favourite seasonal recipe exclusively with Foodtripper.
As beautiful as it is delicious, Martin's apple tart will be a sure fire hit with all your festive guests.Martin has seven Michelin Stars awarded to his four restaurants.
Martin Berasategui, Lasarte - 3 stars
Restaurant Lasarte, Barcelona - 2 stars
Restaurant Abama, Tenerife - 1 star
Restaurant Santo, Sevilla - 1 star
Puff pastry
Vanilla cream
For the Puff Pastry
1kg flour
300g butter
450g cold water
25g salt
900g butter for
puff pastry
Put the flour, salt and 200g butter cut into dice in the mixer bowl and mix for 1 minute first. Then add the water and mix a minute longer.
Make a ball cut a cross on the top and let rest in the fridge for a minimum of 30 min.
Give the 900g butter into rectangular shape without softening it.
Sprinkle the counter surface with a bit of flour and spread the ball of dough with a rolling pin into square shape.
Put the butter in the centre of the dough and fold the four edges of the dough over the butter enclosing it completely
With the folded side facing up, press the dough several times with a rolling pin.
Roll the dough into a smooth, even rectangle keeping all angles right.
Fold the dough in thirds starting at the bottom. This is one single turn. Turn the dough 90 degrees keeping the folded edge to your left side. Give 6 single turns.
Let the dough cool for at least 30 minutes in between turns. Make sure the butter is cold but not too much or it will break. After the last turn it should be about 1.5cm thick. Keep in the freezer overnight to be able to cut it into rings later.
Put the almond cream and the apple inside the already cut rings.
Preheat the oven at 200ºC and put the tart over oven paper on a heated tray for 10 min, then over the grill without paper for another 20 min.
Let it rest 5 min before you remove it from the oven. Spread it with butter and sugar after you take it out.
Apple vanilla cream
1600g Golden
apple in dice 1 x 1cm
8 vanilla pods
(only the seeds)
150g water
60g butter

Cut the vanilla pods in half lengthwise and scrape the grains with a paring knife. Reserve them in a small glass, dice the apple (1600g) and put them in a sauté together with 150g water and the vanilla. Cover with aluminium foil and let cook 10 min until they are cooked but a little hard (al dente) so they don’t break and they don’t stick to the bottom. Remove from the heat; add the butter in dice and mix. Put in a blender a keep aside.
Apple layout
Peel and remove the heart of the apples.
Cut in half
Cut each half in triangles, very thinly
On each of the frozen puff pastry rings spread 30g of apple-vanilla cream and apple wedges on top forming an apple rose.
Put in the oven
Heat the oven tray at 200º C and place the tart over oven paper for 5 min. Move it from the tray to the grill and leave it for another 5 min.
Remove the paper and let the puff pastry cook on the base. When ready brush with a little butter.
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7 December 2010
By: Martin Berasategui
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