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Cyprus: Tonia Buxton creates Cypriot recipes to brighten up British autumn

A collection of Cypriot recipes, by celebrity chef and native Cypriot Tonia Buxton is in time to bring a little sunshine to the British autumn. The booklet, which features over 20 recipes, is completely free to download via
Tonia's dishes  - divided into traditional and modern - feature typically Cypriot ingredients: fresh salad with carob dressing, pomegranate and shaved kefalotiri’ cheese] and ‘Mahalebi’, a refreshing drink made with rosewater. In addition, new takes on traditional dishes (see Tonia’s take on the island’s famous ‘Lamb Kleftiko’ [slow-baked with herbs and vegetables]), as well as failsafe Cypriot classics such as ‘Afelia’ (pork marinated in red wine and coriander) and baklava (sticky pastry sweets).
Orestis Rossides, Director UK, Cyprus Tourism Organisation, said:
‘Tonia’s carefully crafted booklet showcases the gastronomic delights of modern Cyprus, which themselves reflect all that makes Cyprus such a unique place. Her recipes weave together a tradition of trade - which saw the influence of different cultures from early times, our rich wine-making history, which dates back 5,000 years, an emphasis on the use of fresh, local produce and the variety of terrain – from the rich plains along our coastline to the orchards in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains – which support this produce.
We are delighted to be able to release this booklet in time for the autumn, when we are all looking for ways to make the summer days last a bit longer!
Tonia Buxton, Chef, said:
‘I am delighted to have been asked by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation to write a gastronomy booklet to showcase the finest cuisine in the world…that of Cyprus. I have reason, of course, to be a little biased, but I do truly believe that this island is the prized jewel of the Mediterranean. On the crossroads between Europe and the Middle
East, along the path of the spice trading routes to China and India, the Cypriot cook has had the world’s finest ingredients at her fingertips. I have many wonderful memories about growing up in a Cypriot household, particularly revolving around food, cooking with my mother and grandmother, sharing food with friends and family. Anything of any importance in Cyprus always happens around food!’
For more information, visit
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