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Monte Carlo: Joel Robuchon meets Karl Lagerfeld at Hotel Metropole

Odyssey follows the completion of the one of a kind mural designed by Karl Lagerfeld specifically for the hotel, who states when describing his source of inspiration, “I chose the theme of Greek mythology for Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo as everything happens in the Mediterranean - it seems logical to focus on the location we are in. To convey what I have created in more literary terms, I would quote the heroin from ‘Iphigenia in Tauris’ by Goethe who says ‘And days together stand I on the shore, seeking, in my soul, the land of Greece…’”.
With Lagerfeld setting the Grecian tone, Michelin starred chef Joël Robuchon has developed the Mediterranean concept further combining influences from France, Spain, Greece, Italy and even Lebanon to create Odyssey. As his third dining venue within the hotel, this gastronomic addition makes Hotel Metropole the only hotel in the world to have three restaurants attributed to the chef. Describing his new venture Robuchon states, “The new concept of Odyssey offers a fresh menu with light and modern dishes inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel. The new restaurant offers an alfresco dining experience around the pool, evoking a relaxed barbecue style spirit with a Mediterranean touch to be enjoyed day and night”.
By day, Odyssey offers a relaxed alfresco dining experience with a refined light Mediterranean lunch menu mirroring Karl Lagerfeld’s Grecian inspired mural. Robuchon has focused on the highest quality ingredients, sourcing the best local produce as a tribute to all the Mediterranean has to offer. The lunchtime menu creates a fusion of flavours with signature dishes such as Octopus Salad with Pesto and Soft Marinated Vegetables, Squid Skewers and Artichoke with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes, Beef fillet with Sweet Peppers and Mushrooms, and Lobster with Baby Spinach Leaves and Wasabi.
As the sun sets, Odyssey transforms into a chic bar illuminated by Karl Lagerfeld’s mural. The outdoor bar area surrounds the pool, where a luminous constellation beneath the water mirrors the night’s sky. Odyssey offers innovative cocktails to accompany light bites created especially by Joël Robuchon – a first for the world renowned chef. Similarly to the lunchtime menu, Robuchon sources the finest of local ingredients to create an array of delicate dishes.
The night time menu offers an assortment of flavoursome delights including Beef Carpaccio with Virgin Olive Oil, a selection of home-made dips including Guacamole, Tapenade and Humus served with Smoked Salmon and Sardines on Freshly Baked Bread, and a Light Onion and Anchovy Tart on Delicate Filo Pastry putting a contemporary spin on a traditional Nice dish. Odyssey has also put its own twist on the cocktail list with a variety of O’Made Rums and O’Pulent drinks including the O’Mojito, O’Sex on the beach and the O’Blue Lagoon.
Delivering the highest level of service within a deluxe setting, Odyssey has been designed to emulate the elegance of Hotel Metropole with a 21st century twist. A young, yet experienced team has been recruited to deliver attentive service, dedicated to ensuring each guest has a memorable experience. From now until September the resident DJs will accompany a selection of live musicians to create an electro chill out fusion, enhancing the hotel’s dynamic atmosphere beside the illuminated pool and Grecian mural.  
Odyssey offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for guests to mingle with Monaco’s elite, defining Odyssey as a must visit destination – the place to be seen amongst the world’s fashionistas and socialites alike. The addition of Odyssey confirms Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo’s status as one of Europe’s most exciting palace hotels combining the contemporary with the traditional whilst constantly looking ahead to the next generation.
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7 July 2013
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