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Tea Truths Revealed

New research shows that 70% of UK tea drinkers don’t know what’s in their teabag
Teapigs the specialist tea company are on a mission to get the nation to “drink real tea”. Their research reveals that 70% of UK tea drinkers don’t actually know what’s in their teabag. Tea is the nation’s favourite drink with 71% of people drinking more than 3 cups of tea every day.  Moreover, half the UK confesses that they can’t get through the day without it.  So why should we be concerned about what’s in our tea bag?
Louise, tea taster at teapigs explains; “We wouldn’t eat a sandwich without knowing exactly what’s inside, so why doesn’t the same apply to tea?  Traditional paper teabags hide what’s inside, often for good reason. When tea drinkers get to taste the flavour that quality whole leaf delivers, they experience what “real tea” actually tastes like.”
To demonstrate this point teapigs have sampled with taxi drivers, builders and teachers to see if these regular, heavy tea drinkers preferred REAL tea instead of their normal dustier paper bag version. An astonishing 90% who tasted teapigs signature whole leaf everyday brew preferred it to their usual cuppa.
Louise adds “tea is such an important part of our lifestyle and it’s about time that tea drinkers in the UK had access to the vastly superior flavour of tea that quality whole leaf delivers. We’re calling on the public to demand better quality from anywhere that sells and serves tea across the country. The shameful brown slop that so often passes as tea just isn’t good enough. Tea drinkers of the UK deserve better. Drink real tea.”
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10 December 2012
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