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England: New wine scheme for UK wines

UK wine labelling will be modified to the new EU wine labelling regime, which introduces the terms ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ (PDO) and ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ (PGI), and will become operational for wines produced from this year’s harvest.
The UK has had a Quality and Regional wine scheme in place since 1992 and the new PDO/PGI schemes have evolved from these.  For the first time, however, a scheme is being introduced for English and Welsh Quality Sparkling Wines.
The main purpose of the schemes is to deliver assurance to the consumer that wines are produced to required standards and reflect the specific characteristics attributable to the wine’s geographical origin.  
There are two registered PDOs and PGIs for Wine and Quality sparkling wine in the UK: “England” and “Wales”.
The two new terms are defined as follows:
Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) denotes
• Quality and characteristics that are essentially or exclusively attributable to the geographical environment in which it is produced
• The grapes have been grown exclusively in the defined region (ie England/Wales) and are only of the Vitis Vinifera genus  
• The production of the wine takes place in the defined region (England/Wales)
Wines will be labelled English (or Welsh) Quality Wine.
Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
• Wines produced under this scheme must possess a specific quality, reputation or other characteristics attributable to the geographical origin
• At least 85% of grapes used for its production have been grown in the defined region (ie England/Wales), with the rest from the UK, and are of the Vitis Vinifera genus or a cross of Vitis Vinifera and another genus of Vitis (therefore allowing hybrid varieties such as Seyval Blanc)
• The production of the wine takes place in the named area (England/Wales)
Wines will be labelled English (or Welsh) Regional Wine
Only Wines and Quality Sparkling Wines that have passed through the appropriate wine scheme are permitted to indicate vineyard name.
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