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London: Peyton and Byrne launch unique chocolate bar range

Great tasting chocolate begins with the cocoa bean and we use only the finest including those from the tiny West African island of São Tomé for our single origin dark chocolate. Each deliciously rich, velvety bar has a high cocoa content, with even our milk chocolate boasting 40%, and is flavoured using quintessentially British ingredients. The result is a truly seductive range to appeal to the more sophisticated palate.
- Single Origin Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa solids) – join us on a journey deep into the heart of chocolate perfection with this single origin bar. We’ve sourced the finest cocoa beans from the tiny West African island of São Tomé to create this luscious, highly aromatic chocolate.
- English Rose Milk Chocolate (40% cocoa solids) - rose used to be one of the most popular of sweet flavours, until fickle tastes left in the past. But we are reclaiming rose for the sweet toothed, adding it to our rich 40% cocoa milk to create a delicate confection evocative of days gone by.
- Cornish Sea Salt Milk Chocolate (40% cocoa solids) –they said it couldn’t work, chocolate with salt? Luckily, we are more adventurous than the naysayers, so we did it, adding Cornish sea salt to our rich 40% cocoa milk chocolate until the flavours became more complex and captivating.
- Marmalade Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa solids) - if marmalade solved the old ‘what do we do with all these oranges?’ problem, then at Peyton and Byrne we’ve addressed the ‘how can we eat marmalade all day?’ matter by adding it to our rich dark chocolate and creating a sumptuous treat full of tangy orange pieces.
- Elderflower Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa solids) – when elderflowers bloom it’s a very pretty but all too brief sign that summer has arrived. We think their sweet citrusy fragrance is too good to miss, so we’ve added it to our chocolate to create a truly British treat, all year round.
- Toffee Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa solids) – it’s a dangerous business making toffee: heating sugar to around 150°C. But it’s all in a day’s work for us as we strive for chocolate perfection. And by infusing rich dark chocolate with toffee’s deep caramel flavour that’s pretty much what we have achieved here.

Award-winning London designers Farrow, responsible for all of Peyton and Byrne’s iconic branding, have designed the stylish packaging. The elegant cream wrap complete with different coloured rosettes to convey the flavour of each bar reflects the luxurious quality of the chocolate. The result is a range of chocolate that simply demands to be eaten.
Peyton and Byrne chocolate bars are priced from £1.60 and are available at Peyton and Byrne Bakeries and online at

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