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Milan: Sex on the Beach?

Alvin Leung, chef proprietor of Bo Innovation in Hong Kong unveils new dish, "Sex on the Beach" at a prestigious culinary congress, Identita' Golose ( in Milan.
Never one to shy away from controversy, Alvin unveiled the dish in Italy where many of the population are Roman Catholics and he even threw in a joke about the Pope having consented to the dish which all went down well with the audience who enjoyed a bit of fun during the last demonstration of the day.
Along with culinary heavyweights such as Alain Ducasse, Massimo Bottura and Daniel Patterson, Alvin demonstrated two signature dishes, "toro, foie gras powder, freeze dried raspberry" and his "knife carved noodle, har mi, chilli oil, sea urchin", followed by a mystery "Sex on the Beach" dish.
Taking inspiration from his favourite pastimes, Alvin created a sweet edible "condom" by dipping a cigar tube into a kappa and konjac mixture, which when carefully removed from the tube, looked exactly like a condom. Using a pipette, Alvin then inserted a few drops of a honey and Yunnan ham mixture and the "condom" was then laid onto "sand" made from powdered shiitake mushrooms.
Asked by Alvin if it tasted like the real thing, the food critic tasked with tasting the dish said he didn't know but that it was surprisingly good.
"As chefs around the world become better known internationally and people start to pay more attention to them, I feel we all have a part to play in society and that's why we have created this dish at Bo. Even though some people might find it distasteful, the aim is to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and I think we are doing that with Sex on the Beach," said Alvin.
Sex on the Beach will be Bo's first a la carte dish and will launch in Hong Kong at the restaurant for Valentine's day, which this year will be celebrated on the 12th and the 13th at Bo so as to not clash Chinese New Year. The dish will remain on the menu for a whole year and all proceeds from the HK$ 68 dish will go towards AIDS Concern in HK.
"The beauty of this dish is that it breaks the taboo about sex. We really like this innovative idea "Sex on the Beach" by Bo Innovation - it brings together creativity with social responsibility. AIDS Concern, as usual, will provide free condoms and red ribbons to the customers of Bo Innovation, all year round!" said Loretta Wong, Chief Executive of AIDS Concern.



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