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Action Against Hunger extends programme to towns outisde Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince – One week since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, it is now a race against time to provide access to clean, safe drinking water to the survivors.
Action Against Hunger | ACF International is already providing safe drinking water to 30,000 individuals in the neighbourhoods of Champs de Mars and Canape-Vert while finalising the setting up of additional water reservoirs in the stadium and the Croix de Pres district.
The organisation’s teams are also finalising preparations to set up water reservoirs and rehabilitate water points in Leogane, 30 kilometres west of the capital. The water network in the region had already been seriously damaged during the cyclones of 2008, and with 80% of the city destroyed, some 125,000 quake survivors are in desperate need.
“Our 120 strong-team is working with local communities to manage the security and effective distribution of water at all water points,” said Action Against Hunger’s Lucile Grosjean in Haiti. “Four community members are nominated to join each water management committee, in charge of running the distributions. By involving local volunteers, Action Against Hunger ensures the effective delivery of water to those in desperate need.”
Meanwhile, the organisation’s teams in the neighbouring town of Gonaives, which has seen a massive influx of people from Port-au-Prince, have started to distribute water to hospitals and health centres. “Not a single drop of water is currently available in the K-Soleil hospital,” reported Lucile Grosjean on Tuesday. “Doctors and nurses have no water to wash their hands and patients are desperately thirsty. Relatives are trying to buy water in the streets, but with little money available and prices doubling in most regions, it is nearly impossible to find drinking water.”
Action Against Hunger is also finalising preparations to launch food distributions, despite facing severe logistical problems, including fuel shortages and the hugely congested airport. 45 metric tons of protein biscuits to provide for the nutritional needs of 18,000 children under five years old are currently being transported from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, and will be distributed from tomorrow onwards.

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