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London: Black Banquet launched for London Design Festival

Today a monochromatic feast of black food is launched as part of the London Design Festival. On the 23rd September diners are invited by a razor, a shiny knife, Bompas & Parr and Fiona Leahy Design to sit down to a Central London meal that explores boundaries of creativity through spectacular and unusual dining.

The Black Banquet is a travelling event set to take place around the world. Following the launch in London, further Black Banquets will be hosted in New York and Los Angeles this fall, with other international dinners to be confirmed for the New Year. Each event will be tailored to the host city in style and service.

a razor, a shiny knife will create a meal in which each course gives a natural example of black food, Bompas & Parr will build theatrical food installations to compliment the menu and Fiona Leahy Design will transform the space into a striking set that will transport the guest into a realm of fantastic and awkward elegance.

Black Banquets have a glorious history. Perhaps the most remarkable was hosted by Grimod de la Reyniere in 1783. Invitations were so extraordinary that Louis XVI acquired one to frame.
The meal is inspired by the supper held by Renaissance dining group The Company of the Trowel in 1511. Guests entered the black meal through the hinged jaws of a huge serpent. Delicious food was served concealed within repulsive creatures including serpents, bats and scorpions.
For the London Design Festival the event will be sculpted to fit into the dark side of London with dramatic and striking staff serving 8 courses of food, each of which is entirely black, in a room prepared for an event of such weight and grandeur. Kitchens will be open to diners so they can engage with the preparation and performance of their meal while learning from the hands on demonstrations and spectacles before the event begins.

Michael Cirino of a razor, a shiny knife comments:
“Black in design lends elegance and grace to form, but in food it is not usually thought to be indicative of great flavour. This deception allows for us to create dynamic and beautiful food while keeping the flavour a surprise until the first bite.”

Visit the following websites for further information. Tickets will be on sale from 24th August priced at £100 a head.
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