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Andalucia: Pomegranate season

Andalucia: Pomegranate season
Pomegranates are in season! In the countryside surrounding Vejer, the trees are dripping and branches bending with the weight of these locally abundant fruits.
They are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat so whilst they are in season eat, use and juice them as often as possible.
This month we have been using pomegranate seeds in every class.  Students have learned how to easily remove the seeds by cutting off the crown, making eight small cuts around the top and then breaking the fruit apart in a bowl of water.  
The red arils (seeds) then sink to the bottom of the bowl as the white peel floats to the top.  It’s incredibly easy to do this and makes having a dish of these glistening seeds on hand in the fridge a healthy delight. Not only do we constantly snack on them, but we add them to salads, couscous and bulgar wheat, as well as using them as a garnish to Moroccan inspired dishes.  
The ancient city of Granada was re-named after this fabulous fruit during the Moorish period.  It is therefore no coincidence that the Spanish term for a pomegranate is “granada”. It is also featured in the coat of arms of the city.
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22 January 2013
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