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London: HOLYFOOD set to spice up healthy convenience market

The brand is looking to inspire and excite the health-conscious urbanite that loves authentic, nutritional food but is short of time or skill to prepare it. HOLYFOOD will be stocked in Selfridges and other fine markets across the capital that share similar food ethics, although it has big plans to roll the brand out at a national level in the longer term. 
HOLYFOOD is the brainchild of Amrik Singh Dhaliwal, an inspiring second generation Indian living in the UK, who spotted the need for fresh, healthy Indian convenience food, as prepared in his native India. His dream to make HOLYFOOD a reality, attracted great interest from Ron Kastner, an accomplished businessman and renowned Theatre Producer whom Amrik met in a local café in Notting Hill. Their meeting sparked the beginning of a close friendship and equal-footed business partnership. 

With the help of family and friends from the Indian community in Britain and further afield, Amrik and Ron unearthed the traditional Indian recipes passed down the generations from family matriarchs. Each dish has its own story and Amrik has selected all the best variations, evocative of the contrasting regions in India.
HOLYFOOD’s signature dishes include Karahi Gosht - Lamb Karahi, a rich, delicious Lamb curry from Punjab which has been an Indian family favourite for decades as well as Masoor Dal - Red Lentil Dal, which is eaten all over India in different regional variations. The Masoor Dal is also believed to promote good health and aid recovery. Most of HOLYFOOD’s recipes boast ayurvedic and nutritional benefits, which means that they are designed upon principles that maintain or improve health, therefore this really is food for the soul and well being of its customers.
With main course dishes priced at £6.99 or £7.99 and serving two people, a meal for two will cost between £7 and £10 per person, ranging from vegetarian to prawns, and including rice, and a choice of vegetables, pickles, and chutneys."  
Nutritional information is broken down for each dish so that customers know exactly what they are eating. Using pure herbs and spices, all dishes are free from additives and preservatives, helping to form part of a healthy, daily diet.
Issues such as the environment are close to the HOLYFOOD founders’ hearts, the brand strives to use recyclable packaging which is also suitable for microwaving and freezing. HOLYFOOD is accredited by the vegan and vegetarian society; 80% of its dishes are vegetarian and all the dishes are gluten free, which they believe should form a large part of a healthy daily diet.
Ron and Amrik comment: “We are passionate about healthy eating and our brand HOLYFOOD brings this to life by striving to provide pure, healthy and well balanced dishes which are an authentic taste of India that can be eaten at the convenience and comfort of your own home.”  
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11 August 2010
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