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Michelin announces Kyoto Osaka Guide 2010

Michelin announced it will publish the Michelin guide Kyoto Osaka 2010 in October this year. The guide will offer a selection of the best hotels and restaurants in the two cities. The Michelin guide Kyoto Osaka will be available in two languages: Japanese and English. This is the second Michelin guide in Japan, following Michelin guide Tokyo whose second edition was launched last November.

Jean-Luc Naret, Director of Michelin guides commented, "We aim to continue our international development, by publishing the first edition of Michelin guide Kyoto Osaka in October 2009. One of the best Japanese gastronomy and the cooking traditions since more than 1,200 years are in Kyoto. As for Osaka, it's the second biggest city in Japan and it has a wide and diverse gastronomic scene."

Many Japanese see Osaka as the culinary capital of Japan. The locals are so passionate about food that they have an expression called "kuidaore," literally meaning "to eat till you drop.” Osaka’s regional specialities include takoyaki octopus balls and puffer fish sashimi. Any foodie visiting Japan should not miss Osaka’s Dotonbori area, a neon-filled street where you can sample all the culinary delights that Osaka has to offer.

Kyo-ryori (Kyoto cuisine) is the template upon which Japanese culinary culture grows from. The cuisine places great import on seasonal ingredients and subtle flavours. Regional specialties of Kyoto include shojin-ryori, vegetarian dishes developed by Buddhist monks and kaiseki-ryori, cuisine stemming from the tea ceremony. A dinning and cultural experience not to be missed in Kyoto is a night in a ryokan (traditional inn) complete with a kaiseki dinner.

Michelin inspectors have been on the ground in Kyoto and Osaka since autumn 2007. Employees of Michelin, who are experienced hospitality industry professionals, the inspectors conduct visits and anonymously dine in restaurants and sleep in hotels to judge the quality and consistency of meals and services as any other customer. The criteria of the stars are the same, whatever the country, whatever the city. In this way, the level of the selection and the value of stars are consistent in all the Michelin guides. Michelin guide covers 23 countries with 26 titles. Michelin guide Kyoto Osaka will be 27th title of the collection.
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26 June 2009
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